Collectra is a digital collecting platform where users can review, create, and pay invoices with an accelerated payment method. It has among its integrated features:

  • Same day settlement
  • Electronic Billing
  • Fully compliant and Automatic updates
  • Integrates with any accounting or ERP software system

Collectra at a glance

As an online tool, Collectra can be access by employees allowed by the company, with their credentials, from anywhere at anytime.

In real time, the accounting department will be able to:

  • Create invoices
  • View and edit unpaid and paid invoices
  • Payments validation
  • Web payment history

The tools provided by Collectra will unify not only the relationship with retail customers but will also enhance the relationship with suppliers.

The platform - Unpaid Invoices

In real time you will be able to see:

  • Total invoices due
  • Total invoices past due
  • The type of invoice
  • The shipped day of the goods
  • The inventory due date
  • The internal amount
  • The original amount
  • The inventory balance
  • The status of payment per invoice

It allows you the capability of updating the payment status of the invoices and also search criteria for a faster location of an invoice.