MSWIPE Gateway & Management Platform

Benefits of MSWIPE Platform

Our cloud-based platform ensures control over the entire transaction cycle by enabling comprehensive gateway connectivity, reporting, and administrative functions. Secure partner and merchant portals deliver valuable insights into all payment activity.

  • Single Point of Integration - Access multiple acquirers in the US, Canada, Latin America & Europe
  • Merchant Control - Merchants selects payment types & processing endpoints and can easily change without enduring recertification process
  • Simplifies PCI Compliance - No actual data is stored within the merchant environment*
  • Simplifies Transaction & Batch Management - Provides a consolidated view of all payment activity

Features of MSWIPE

  • International Scope - MSWIPE supports all major international platforms and payment schemes, with new direct connects added every month
  • Array of Payment Types - Credit, debit, PIN, EMV, NFC
  • PCI Certified - MSWIPE is fully PCI certified, and supported by our experts in region-by-region certification requisites.
  • Interoperable - XML, ISO8583, ACI, SPDH, Base24
  • Robust & Scalable - With up-time of 99.95%, our architecture has multiple redundancy points and offers rapid scalability
  • Rich Reporting Features - Access and sort numerous data points for reporting and analytics
  • Third Party Support - Our gateway seamlessly supports third party ERP, CRM, accounting and so much more

Multi-Point Processing

Seamlessly enables multi-point processing and robust e-commerce and m-commerce capabilities

  • Supports Visa Accelerated Connection Platform (VACP) and First Data Rapid Connect
  • PCI 3.0, EMV and NFC certified
  • Supports all major card brands
  • Virtual terminal supports MO/TO processing
  • Multi-currency, cross-border and dynamic currency conversion
  • Interfaces with many major shopping cart providers
  • Certified to major processors in U.S., Canada, Latin America, and Europe

Administrative & Reporting Features

Robust administrative and reporting features provide businesses with the tools and resources necessary to manage all payment activity.

  • Merchant and Partner portals are configurable at multiple levels
  • Set hierarchy and user-access rules
  • Dashboard reports provide snapshot into activity
  • Detailed reports at location, enterprise and portfolio level
  • Advanced filters quickly locate transactions
  • Text and Email alerts provide instant updates

End-to-End Encryption & Tokenization

  • Support for SafeNET HSM devices
  • 3DES-128/3DES-256/AES-128/AES-256 encryption

Fraud Management Tools & Services

  • Integrated with 3D Secure, Verified by Visa, SecureCode
  • Integrated with MaxMind’s MinFraud services
  • Predicts the likelihood of a transaction being fraudulent
  • Services pull real-time transaction and device-specific data
  • Data Analytics triangulates data to identify fraud & mitigate risk

Processor/Merchant Support

  • Dynamic Branding for processors and merchants
  • Merchant Administration Portal
  • Automated Merchant Boarding through Bulk Load Interface
  • Integrated Reporting
  • MSWIPE-hosted or customer-hosted